Durham Attack Summer House League

Covid - Protocols



Week One (July 4):  Please bring your signed waiver (attached as a PDF)

and complete Health Screening Google Form 

Week Two - Eight : Complete Health Screening Google Form 


Arrival at the Field:   Please Do NOT arrive at the field more than 15 minutes before your session as we have to sanitize the volleyballs and get ready for the next session.   

Please enter the field from the parking lot entrance to the park (north side of community centre). Athletes will leave the park from the south side of the community centre.  


Equipment:  It is recommended that each athlete bring a couple of masks, a water bottle, and a  towel or lawn chair to sit on when not on the court playing.     Lawn chairs will be separated by at least 2m from each other around the court that they are playing on.  


Mask Usage:  Masks are required to be worn by all individuals/participants at all times, except by athletes, while on court during training and competitions.  Athletes coming from the parking lot to the court, must wear masks until they are on the court practicing or playing.     If they are not playing (sitting off) they are required to wear a mask unless they are drinking or eating.


Competitions and Game Play:  Outdoor volleyball training/competitions permitted while avoiding personal contact at all times. (i.e. No high fives, back slaps, etc.). Please remember, athletes may only breach physical distancing during team sport play.  However, all athletes must avoid personal contact at all times. (i.e. No high fives, back slaps, etc.)  All game play modifications must be followed. (i.e. teams switch sides in a counter clockwise direction only).



For the first few weeks, we are asking that there are NO spectators.   We will revisit this after a few weeks of play.     When spectators are allowed, they will be required to do a self assessment and name and phone number will be recorded as being present for the session. 


Health Screening: 

An individual can only participate in Durham Attack activities once they have successfully completed the Health Screening Questionnaire through the weekly Google Forms this must be completed at least 60 minutes before the session begins but not an earlier than 12 noon of the day.  A successful completion indicates “No” to all questions.


DURHAM ATTACK VOLLEYBALL CLUB COVID-19 Return to Play Club Response Plan  is attached here.   


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  You can contact me at 

(905) 409 2387